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What are cookies

The website uses cookies to make its services simpler and more efficient for you to use when you visit our pages.
Cookies are small text files which the sites you visit send to your terminal, where they are saved to be re-transmitted to the same websites on subsequent visits. Cookies are used for various purposes, have different characteristics and may be used by both the website owner and third parties. There are various types of cookie, depending on their characteristics and function.


The Controller is DT Software Srl, VAT no. 04882830260, with head office at Via Piave 3, 31013 Codognè (TV) - Italy.

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Technical cookies

This type of cookie ensures certain sections of the site function correctly. Technical cookies are divided into two categories:
  • persistent: these are not destroyed when you close your browser, but are retained for a pre-established length of time;
  • session: these are destroyed when you close your browser.
These cookies are required to display the site correctly, or in connection with the technical services offered; they will therefore always be used and sent, unless you change your browser settings. These cookies do not require your explicit consent for their use.

Technical cookies also include:
  • “analytics cookies” when used directly by the website manager to collect aggregate information on the number of users and how they visit the website;
  • usage or session cookies (required for authentication);
  • functional cookies which improve your user experience.

Profiling cookies

This type of cookie is employed to create user profiles in order to provide advertising messages that reflect your preferences as you surf the web. This requires your prior consent. There are two types of profiling cookie:

  • first-party cookies: cookies installed directly by DT Software Srl;
  • third-party cookies: cookies installed by parties other than DT Software Srl.

De-selecting cookies

IMPORTANT: If you disable technical and/or functional cookies, you may not be able to consult the website, or certain of the site’s services or functions may not be available, or may not function correctly.

Third-party cookies (in other words, cookies associated with websites or servers other than those owned by DT Software Srl) are used for purposes specific to those third parties. The third parties (listed below with the respective links to their privacy policies) are typically independent controllers of the data collected by the relative cookies. You should therefore consult their personal data processing policies, information and consent forms.

As regards the third parties who send cookies via the website, we have provided links to their respective privacy information pages. As already specified, it is the responsibility of these third parties to provide the information and acquire your consent.

This responsibility refers not just to cookies sent directly by the third parties, but also possible additional cookies sent by the site in association with services utilised by the third parties concerned. With regard to the cookies sent by the suppliers of services to these third parties, DT Software Srl is unable to know their characteristics or purposes, or to control them in any way.

Cookies used by the website

This website uses both technical cookies and third-party profiling cookies. Below is a list of profiling cookies with links to the relative information and consent procedures:

  1. Google:
You can block or cancel (wholly or partially) technical and functional cookies by using the specific functions offered by your browser.
For more information on how to set cookie preferences via your browser, see the relative instructions:

Use of the data collected by the cookies active on this website

Use of the data deriving from the cookies by DT Software Srl, VAT No. 04882830260, with head office at Via Piave 3, 31013 Codognè (TV), Italy, owner of this website, refers to the description provided in the privacy policy available at the following link.